Network Monitoring & Support

Alpha Omega Wireless provides a unique and fully customizable network monitoring solution. We offer a highly secure platform that allows our clients full visibility into their wireless network, while allowing AO Wireless to provide rapid support. We can monitor any wireless device from point to point wireless backhaul, both licensed microwave or unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges, point to multipoint wireless and WiMax, Wi-Fi Access Points, VHF / UHF SCADA radios, wireless Mesh radio networks, etc. Regardless of manufacture or who installed it, AO Wireless can monitor it by use of customized sensors. We can also incorporate any other network IP device, such as switches, cameras, DAS systems, power distribution systems, etc.

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AO Wireless offers remote and Cloud based Network Monitoring & Support as part of our Annual Preventative Maintenance and Support Programs.

We provide our clients with their own portal to our platform, that gives them real time, full visibility, to their network. Meanwhile you can rest assure knowing that AO Wireless is monitoring all the wireless devices making sure they are up and running and identifying potential issues that maybe an indicator of a potential outage or network reliability issue. Regardless of manufacture we can monitor and support your network.

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If you have one of our 3 tier Annual Support and Maintenance Programs we can easily implement our Network Monitoring and Support as an add-on. 

If you are new and want more information about having your wireless network monitored and supported please fill out the contact form and we will provide you more information.  

Alpha Omega Wireless can perform monitoring for:

Wireless Devices

  • Ping (Up/Down)
  • ETH/VLAN Bandwidth
  • Internet CRC Errors
  • RSSI
  • SNR
  • TX Power
  • TX Frequency

Routers & Switches

  • ETH/VLAN Bandwidth
  • Status (Up/Down)
  • ETH CRC Errors
  • CPU Load
  • PPS
  • And More...


  • System Status
  • Line Voltage
  • Battery Status
  • Voltage
  • Current

More Information on Wireless Network Monitoring