Wireless Installation

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Alpha Omega Wireless has a 100% customer retention rate where a wireless installation was performed! AO Wireless backs up all its installations with a 1 year guaranty for product and workmanship. AO Wireless uses its proprietary delivery methodologies ("P5-QC"), based on the PMI standards, to ensure proper project management and delivery of all solutions to its clients. AO Wireless specializes in both licensed microwave and unlicensed wireless, point to point wireless, point to multipoint wireless, wireless mesh, wireless SCADA, and WiMax installations

Alpha Omega Wireless is also hired time and time again to troubleshoot fixed wireless backhaul installations that a client either installed themselves or had an unqualified company do the wireless installation. In many cases the wireless deployment was done without first performing the first phases and/or performing the appropriate wireless engineering and design. This is the first indicator that a system will fail, if not immediately, at some point in the future.

Even the best wireless backhaul / microwave communication equipment, in the best case scenario, will not perform properly over time if not installed properly. Fixed wireless backhaul installation should always be performed by industry experts that have been certified by the manufactures

AO Wireless is Tower Certified, Licensed, and Insured
to work on your wireless backhaul systems

NATE Tower Installation

Tower Safety Certification

Alpha Omega Wireless Installation       Alpha Omega Wireless is Tower Certified

Alpha Omega Wireless, when hired to troubleshoot wireless backhaul systems that either the client installed themselves or hired an unqualified company to perform the wireless installtion, consistently finds errors in the selection of proper equipment and wireless installation problems with grounding, lightning protection, cable and connector mistakes, alignment, Fresnel zone issues, weatherproofing, and other improper installation techniques. These are all mistakes that can end up causing the customer costly downtime and repair costs if not handled correctly during the wireless installation.

Alpha Omega Wireless guarantees 100% of the wireless installation performed by AO Wireless!