WiMax Backhaul

There is a lot of talk about the standards-based technology of WiMax. Many people do not understand what WiMax backhaul is or what WiMax is not. Just as the term Wi-Fi has been coined to the indoor wireless LAN market, WiMax is a term for a standards-based technology for the outdoor wireless market for wireless last mile connectivity. WiMax backhaul in itself is not encompassing of all outdoor wireless backhaul or Ethernet wireless bridges. The WiMax standard is being developed and agreed upon by the wireless industry’s top manufactures and standards boards.

WiMax backhaul technology is designed to bring  outdoor wireless last-mile broadband access as a 4G Mobile broadband technology and as an alternative to typical DSL and cable infrastructures. WiMax brings a standard to the table; much like Wi-Fi has done for the indoor wireless market, interoperability of different manufactures’ equipment. For a piece of equipment to be considered WiMax Certified (by the WiMax Forum™) it must comply with the 802.16 IEEE standards and be completely interoperable with other manufactures equipment. Recently the FCC has allowed for licensed operations in the 3.65GHz spectrum. Although many mobile carriers state they provide WiMax using their privately owned spectrum (typically in the 2GHz range) with proprietary equipment.

WiMax is the middle market of outdoor wireless backhaul technology that ties together the world of Wi-Fi and traditional microwave wireless backhaul links. WiMax backhaul does not compete with the Wi-Fi standards, nor does it replace it. WiMax actually complements the 802.11 standards by tying together Wi-Fi networks and provides for seamless wireless backhaul for both fixed wireless and mobile wireless connections. WiMax is used for outdoor wireless last-mile broadband connections in a point to multipoint wireless network topology to provide connectivity for Wi-Fi hot-spots (or hot-zones), cellular mobile backhaul /4G, and other connections needing replacement of DSL, cable, or T-1 connectivity.

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