Wireless SCADA Telemetry Radios

SCADA / telemetry wireless backhaul systems are used to create connectivity with SCADA / telemetry networks that control various components (e.g. sensors, metering devices, PLC's, and a host computer). SCADA networks can use devices that utilize RS-232 serial or Ethernet IP. The majority of SCADA systems are set up in a "polling architecture" and require low throughput speeds.RUGGEDCOM SMART GRID

SCADA / telemetry radios can be in licensed microwave wireless (UHF, VHF, 900MHz MAS, and with licensed WiMax 2.5GHz or with 700MHz LTE) or unlicensed wireless (900MHz, WiMax, or 5.8GHz point to multipoint wireless backhaul) spectrums. With the growth of automated IP based systems older serial systems are now being migrated to Ethernet IP based networks. There are many advantages to utilizing IP based architecture such as; migration in to data network monitoring systems, remote access, convergence of other IP based devices, POE, centralization, etc.

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Alpha Omega Wireless provides complete wireless backhaul SCADA network solutions from RF design, FCC license coordination (for licensed microwave, point to multipoint wireless backhaul, WiMax, and LTE), spectrum analysis, wireless installation, troubleshooting, repair, ongoing Preventative Maintenance ("P&M"), and system migration (from serial to IP).

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AO Wireless works with many utilities (electrical, Smart Grid, water districts, oil and gas, transportation, alternative energy, etc.) and understands the applications and needs of these unique industries.