Wireless Applications

An outdoor wireless bridge can get you connected!

Wireless backhaul, also known as fixed wireless Ethernet bridge or ptp wireless, opens the door to get connectivity when and where you need it. From data, voice, control systems, and video there is a growing need for connectivity and bandwidth.

Wireless tower repeater         Bridgewave gigabit wireless

The US copper infrastructure is outdated and slowly eroding. The fiber backhaul boom seemed like the next technological step, but the costs involved with running fiber (trenching, right-away access, head-end equipment, conduits, labor, etc) and the time it takes to deploy has put limitations on fiber being the cure. Wireless backhaul can be deployed immediately and can provide 99.999% reliable networks. An outdoor wireless bridge can provide throughput speeds from as low as 10Mbps, to 100Mbps, all the way up to GigE Full Duplex (gigabit wireless).

Wireless backhaul, licensed microwave links or unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges, also offers flexibility in the types of solutions that can be deployed (e.g. point to point wireless, point to multipoint wireless, mesh wireless, Wi-Fi, LTE and WiMax backhaul). Wireless backhaul can get you where copper and fiber can't, whether traveling long distances or getting around obstacles and right-away issues. Wireless mobility solutions can provide high speed wireless Ethernet bridges in applications with moving vehicles and rail.

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