Cost Reduction Using Wireless Backhaul

Wireless Ethernet Bridges have an average ROI of 3 to 6 months with no reoccurring costs!

Within all organizations, IT managers are searching for the most cost effective and rapidly deployable solution for increasing bandwidth and connecting LANs at different facilities. Historically, there have been two choices: leasing Telco lines or provisioning private fiber connections. Both present serious drawbacks in cost, deployment time, reliability, and their dependence on third-party networks.

Wireless backhaul, both point to point wireless backhaul, also known as fixed wireless backhaul or point to point microwave, and point to multipoint wireless Ethernet bridges, allow you to no longer need to establish reoccurring costs with Telco WANs, eliminating the cost of additional head end equipment, and AES encryption hardware devices. Wireless Ethernet bridges preserve native IP throughout the system. Because you own the microwave link connection (ptp wireless), and not lease it, ROI is maximized with a low CPEX and you gain the peace of mind of having control over your own infrastructure.

Leasing Fiber & Traditional Telco Issues:

  • High reoccurring costs ($100,000+ a year added to the operating budget)
  • Need for an additional T1's for PBX systems (another reoccurring cost added to yearly operating budgets ($6,000.00)
  • Need for additional costly head end equipment
  • Not able to gain right away paths for dark fiber
  • Several months to provision
  • Predictable outages (what's the costs of downtime!)

Eliminate Leased Lines3