Wireless Feasibility Study and Consulting

Wireless backhaul solutions start with an organization identifying a need to create a microwave communication connection using wireless backhaul, also known as fixed wireless Ethernet bridge, in concert with or in place of a traditional hard wire/fiber connection. This can be for reducing operational costs, creating higher bandwidth, establishing that last mile wireless connection (where you can't get to with fiber or copper), create redundancy, faster deployments, eliminating telco dependency, or creating greater security.

With so many wireless products available today and with so much marketing hype by manufactures (whose sole purpose is to move equipment for profit), it becomes difficult to know where to start and what information to believe. Consulting Industry Experts is critical to gather accurate information and to make intelligent decisions on behalf of an organization.

The start of a wireless backhaul solution begins with the following:

  • Consult a wireless professional
  • Define the actual need for microwave communication
  • Determine the requirements (e.g. bandwidth, latency, application)
  • Perform a feasibility study (will it work and provide the solution)
  • Perform a site survey
  • Perform wireless path calculations
  • Evaluate proper wireless backhaul systems
  • Design an appropriate wireless system
  • Identify a wireless installation professional

Don't be fooled!

There are many companies trying to jump into the outdoor wireless backhaul market with little to no actual experience within the wireless broadband industry. Many of these companies come from either structured cabling trades (and have no network experience) or from IT services (and have no RF experience). Only trust licensed professionals within the wireless broadband industry that have years of experience with outdoor wireless installation or you'll end up spending unnecessary money on wrong equipment, spending time troubleshooting downed systems, or replacing systems because they were installed incorrectly.

Outdoor wireless backhaul is its own specific industry and requires professional experience. You wouldn't trust your organizations backbone on SOHO equipment or have an electrician configure your network, so don't trust non-industry professional for your core wireless backhaul backbone!

Alpha Omega Wireless starts with all its clients by initially consulting the client and performing a Feasibility Study to provide the client with accurate options and a guaranty of success. AO Wireless provides expert evaluations and recommendations on point to point microwave, point to multipoint wireless Ethernet bridges, wireless mesh and WiMax backhaul. We provide guaranties and precise information.