DAS - Distributed Antenna Systems

Alpha Omega Wireless offers complete DAS, Distributed Antenna System, solutions for better Public Safety and Cellular/LTE coverage. AO Wireless can also help perform compliance testing for IFC Section 510 and NFPA72 codes that mandate First Responder coverage.


In today's world the use of mobile communications (e.g. cellular phones, pagers, two-way radio / push-to-talk devices, smart phones, tablets, and PDA's) is no longer just a luxury, but a part of life. These devices have become more than just a tool for personal communications. They have become a necessity for business and public safety. With 4G, and LTE networks people are using their mobile devices to connect to the Internet and critical business networks.

A DAS system can improve your wireless quality for:

  • Mobile for voice and data - better in building or outdoor area coverage
  • Public Safety - Be compliant with IFC Section 510 or NFPA72
  • Better Density Coverage - Handle more devices in an area
  • LTE Performance - Provide better LTE to mobile devices.


With Home Land Security becoming a major initiative it has become mandatory for two-way communication to be interoperable and available in all public facilities (government buildings, hospitals, malls, arenas, among public transportation facilities, etc.). In the private sector it has become expected by people to have cellular signal and it has become critical for business organizations in their daily operations.

Even though the mobile providers have gone to great lengths to expand their coverage reach, they still can't control signal loss that everyone experiences in side of buildings and structures. The materials used in building construction (steel, concrete, noise attenuation windows, insulation, etc.) create great RF attenuation (loss) and take what was full signal outside down to little to no signal inside. Even in most buildings where there is signal many can experience dead zones or areas where the signal is too low to tranfer data.

DAS Consulting & Needs Assessment

AO Wireless can perform DAS solution consulting, Needs Assessments, DAS network design, a wireless site survey and test for current signal strengths across a vast band of frequencies in and around a facility to identify potential dead zones or troublesome areas. AO Wireless can help design and install Indoor Wireless Systems (IWS / BDA) or DAS that can bring the high quality mobile and/or two-way radio outdoor signal into and out of any facility. These systems can be for a single provider or for a multitude of providers and devices.