Eliminate Leased Telco Lines

With Wireless Backhaul You Don't Have to Trust
Your Business Communications to Third Parties

Organizations go through great lengths and costs to implement their strategic voice and data communications. The single greatest point of failure is relying on a third party telco to provide communications between facilities, sites, or network segments.

Once communications leaves your building it leaves your control!

Once your communications leaves your network and rides over a telco's network there are many issues to consider.

  • Is your data / voice riding over shared lines?
  • Is the bandwidth adequate for your organizations needs?
  • Is the latency acceptable?
  • What is the quality of the physical medium it travels on?
  • How many Central Offices / switching is it going through?
  • How secure is this communication?
  • Who has access to your physical lines (technicians in COs?)
  • How quick do repairs occur when needed?
  • What is the repair process?
  • What are the costs associated with leasing communication lines?
  • What is the cost of being down?

Wireless Ethernet link connectivity, aka ptp wireless, provides direct connections that are truly private and provide solutions to all the telco dependency issues:

  • Wireless backhaul provides direct links between locations
  • Seamless integration of networks
  • No third party networks to rely on
  • No additional head end equipment
  • Less points of failure
  • Higher bandwidth at <1ms latency
  • 99.999% reliability
  • Highly secure (exceed DOD specifications)
  • Can be repaired in minutes or hours (not days)
  • No reoccurring costs!