Wireless Bandwidth

GigE Full Duplex and beyond!
"Don't let the Telco's limit you."

There are many wireless backhaul radio platforms offering a solution to just about any application. Wireless backhaul systems can provide 99.999% reliability with throughputs starting from 10Mbps to 100Mbps, using unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges, point to point wireless, wireless mesh, WiMax backhaul, or point to multipoint wireless, to over full duplex GigE, with 60GHz and 80GHz gigabit wireless and licensed microwave links. Typical latency on a wireless Ethernet bridge or licensed microwave link is under 1ms.

A point to point wireless Ethernet bridge ("ptp wireless") can enable high capacity wireless backhaul connections, from less than one mile to more than 50 miles, without performance degradation. A wireless Ethernet bridge enables carrier class delivery of IP services with full wire-speed performance and 99.999% reliability.

Many organizations settle with lower than needed bandwidth due to one of the following reasons:

  1. The costs of leased circuits
  2. Simply by  what can be provisioned through the telco's
  3. The quality or ability of current copper / fiber runs

Wireless Backhaul unlocks the door to bandwidth!

Today there are many wireless backhaul systems that can be installed at certain bandwidth (e.g. 50Mbps) and later be software upgraded (by a license key purchase) to GigE full duplex (gigabit wireless) with no need for new hardware or service calls. Typical time for the upgrade is several minutes. There is no need for waiting for a contract to expire like with leased telco lines. Scalable wireless backhaul systems allow an organization to procure hardware once and grow their bandwidth as the need arises.