Wireless Path Engineering

The success of any fixed wireless backhaul implementation starts with performing proper wireless path calculation profiles and creating the correct design. Wireless path calculations should be performed for all forms of fixed wireless backhaul, whether telemetry UHF/VHF radio backhaul, unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges, licensed microwave links, or millimeter wave 60GHz / 80GHz gigabit wireless (point to point wireless, point to multipoint wireless, or wireless mesh). Microwave path analysis calculations provide factual data used in designing a true and precise path. Designing a proper fixed wireless Ethernet bridge must include the determination of proper wireless equipment, antennas, and cabling to be used, along with the proper system settings, power settings, frequencies, antenna and tower heights, and polarizations used based on the path calculations.

A microwave path analysis provides not only the proper design criteria, but also provides expected performance of a wireless backhaul system. Alpha Omega Wireless performs wireless backhaul path calculations that take into effect the study of topographic map terrain, field verification of path end points, distance between end points, weather, and obstructions. Our link-budget formulations dictate the system parameters expected performance.

Wireless Path Profile

Path profile