Wireless Support and Maintenance

Alpha Omega Wireless offers a full line of outdoor wireless backhaul support and analysis options that help our clients ensure their wireless backhaul solutions (whether telemetry UHF/VHF radio, unlicensed wireless backhaul, wireless mesh networks, point to multipoint wireless backhaul, point to point wireless, licensed microwave links, WiMax, or millimeter wave (60GHz and 80GHz gigabit wireless) stay functioning as they were originally designed. Environmental factors and time can affect the performance of even the best designed wireless network. Alpha Omega Wireless works with its clients on maintaining the quality of their outdoor wireless bridge network and to protect them from unwanted outages.

Alpha Omega Wireless can assist the client in having the appropriate manufacture's extended warranty plans, perform periodic checkups and preventative maintenance, provide on call and onsite troubleshooting, and perform re-certification of wireless backhaul systems. Very few companies actually have the experience and certification level to implement a wireless backhaul system as specified by the manufactures.

Properly maintained outdoor wireless bridge systems should remain functioning as originally designed and specified. By performing periodic maintenance and re-certification a properly designed and installed system should perform exactly as it did on the original install date. Additionally, performing support and analysis, not only maintains the system as originally installed, but can also help protect against potential wireless interference.

Whether your outdoor wireless backhaul system was originally designed and installed by Alpha Omega Wireless or by another party, Alpha Omega Wireless can help make improvements, maintain the quality of the system, and provide immediate support for when things do happen.

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