AO Wireless Becomes Gold Certified Partner of Xirrus

Posted on Wed, Dec 29, 2010

Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. announces it will be expanding its product and solutions offerings by partnering with Xirrus, Inc. a world leader in Wi-Fi product solutions. AO Wireless will become a Gold Level Partner with a high level of commitment to the partnership. Xirrus Gold Level Partners have in-depth Wi-Fi knowledge, market expertise, and the ability to provide full customer support. 

Xirrus Wi-FiPresident Joe Wargo says, "We are excited to expand our offerings in the indoor wireless network solutions by partnering with Xirrus. We have a long history of providing effective and reliable wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) networks. Xirrus is an industry leader in the Wi-Fi market space and is by far the most innovative. We have evaluated all the major Wi-Fi systems in the market today and believe Xirrus is far ahead of the curve in technology and quality. Many of the major Wi-Fi players offer the same thing, only with just a few unique proprietary differences. None of them are doing anything revolutionary. Xirrus has revolutionized the Wi-Fi industry and has future proofed their platform. After spending time at their facility it is apparent they have an amazing product. One that I would be proud to say it’s the only solution I would consider for my own network.

Xirrus has figured out how to deal with the high density use of Wi-Fi we are experiencing. As we move forward we are seeing more and more mobile devices being used in the network environment. Laptops, smart phones, tablets, VoIP phones, etc. Years past it was all about coverage with Wi-Fi. Now it’s all about density coverage. Other standard controller based systems can create good coverage in an environment with a few client devices, but when you have high density usage they fall short on performance. Xirrus has solved that issue and by far outperforms ever other system out there.”

About Xirrus Inc.
Xirrus, Inc., the only Wi-Fi Power Play in the industry, manufactures the High Performance Wi-Fi Array, which is the only fully distributed, dense radio Wi-Fi architecture available in the industry today. The innovative Xirrus architecture delivers unmatched RF innovation and wireless performance on a per access point and system-wide basis. It also accelerates the Time-to-Value by 3X by requiring far fewer devices, switch ports, cabling and less time along with less effort and time to implement and maintain than traditional offerings. Xirrus designs and manufactures its products in the USA and is Wi-Fi Alliance, VeriSign, PCI, FIPS 140-2, and ISO 9001:2008 certified. For more information, please visit

About Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc.
Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. ("AO Wireless") is a leading integrator of complete end-to-end wireless backhaul networking technology and solutions. Alpha Omega Wireless provides wireless site surveys, feasibility studies, engineering, spectrum analysis, path calculations, design, wireless installation, equipment sales, radio repair and maintenance, support, troubleshooting, and ongoing management & monitoring of point to point wireless links, point to multipoint wireless systems, WiMax backhaul, and wireless mesh. As well as SCADA telemetry radio, wireless video surveillance, and indoor RF.  Alpha Omega Wireless works with unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges and licensed microwave links.

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