Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. Expands Wireless Installation In Oklahoma

Posted on Mon, Jun 03, 2013

Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. (“AO Wireless”) announces expansion throughout the United States with its opening of a new office in Oklahoma City. AO Wireless will become one of the premier wireless installation and microwave communications integrators in the central US market.

President Joe Wargo says, “I am very excited opening another office location in the Oklahoma market. By having a presence in Oklahoma City we’ll be able to expand our local reach not only in Oklahoma but also surrounding states, such as Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and parts of New Mexico.

Over the past year we have engaged some very large projects in Oklahoma consisting wireless installation of long range licensed microwave point to point wireless networks, licensed WiMax for last mile wireless and wireless mobility, Smart Grid wireless, mobile radio communications, and wireless video surveillance. Oklahoma is a fast growing economy right now and we see a large demand for broadband wireless as critical telecommunications backhaul.

Covering vast distances with fiber is costly and time consuming. Wireless backhaul can be deployed much faster and with a better ROI. Building out core GigE full duplex backhaul networks using point to point wireless bridge and microwave wireless can help allow for expansion of Oklahoma businesses and its ability to drive its economy. Today we are able to deliver upwards of 6Gbps full duplex wireless backhaul using licensed microwave wireless and with wireless repeaters we are able to cover large distances. Wireless point to point backhaul is used for the backhaul network, while WiMax and LTE wireless installation is being used for last mile wireless connectivity.

Oklahoma is also a key state for our nations transportation system as its highways and rail system interconnects many other states. It’s a perfect location for the use of wireless mobility applications, such as unmanned rail, video surveillance, and wireless automation control.

We have already brought on board some key personnel in the region. In the coming months we will have a full time dedicated wireless installation services delivery team and project management based in Oklahoma City that will be able to provide onsite support for our clients in the region. We see the market place for wireless backhaul growing in the coming years as the need for broadband wireless continues to be in high demand.“

About Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc.
 ("AO Wireless") is a leading integrator of complete end-to-end wireless backhaul networking technology and solutions. Alpha Omega Wireless provides wireless site surveys, feasibility studies, engineering, spectrum analysis, path calculations, design, wireless installation, equipment sales, radio repair and maintenance, support, troubleshooting, and ongoing management & monitoring of point to point wireless links, point to multipoint wireless systems, WiMax backhaul, LTE wireless communication, Wi-Fi, and wireless mesh. As well as SCADA telemetry radio, wireless video surveillance, and indoor RF. Alpha Omega Wireless works with unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges and licensed microwave links.

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