Unlicensed Wireless Ethernet Bridge - Proxim QB8150

Proxim QB8150 - 5.8GHz Unlicensed Wireless Ethernet Bridge

Proxim QB8150
Proxim wireless manufactures unlicensed fixed wireless Ethernet bridge equipment, also known as unlicensed wireless backhaul. The Proxim QB8150 uses the latest unlicensed poin to point wireless Ethernet bridge technology using OFDM and MIMO.

The Proxim QB8150 is great for creating a poin to point wireless bridge to extend wireless last mile LAN connectivity and for wireless video backhaul. The Proxim 8150 because of its OFDM and MIMO structure, works well on nLOS (near line of sight) and NLOS (non line of sight) applications. The Proxim QB8150 has a secondary Ethernet port that provides POE 802.3af output for attaching a camera or other device.

Proxim QB-8150 Specifications:

WIRED ETHERNET  Two auto MDI-X RJ45 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet
   Port #1 with PoE in & Data
   Port #2 with PoE out (802.3af pin out) & Data
WIRELESS PROTOCOL  WORP (Wireless Outdoor Router Protocol)
FREQUENCY  4.9 - 6.0 GHz (Subject to Country Regulations)
CHANNEL SIZE  40 MHz, 20 MHz, 10 MHz*, 5 MHz*
DATA RATE  Up to 300Mbps
TX POWER  Up to 18dBm (at antenna port)
TX POWER CONTROL  0 - 18dB, in 1dB steps
LATENCY  < 3 msec
RADIO INTERFACE  3x3 MIMO, DFS and Superframing
ANTENNA  Integrated 2x2 MIMO 23dBi Dual Pol Antenna
MANAGEMENT  RS-232 serial (RJ11 to DB-9 dongle provided) 
   Telnet and SSH, Web GUI - SSL, TFTP, SNMPv3
   SNMP v1-v2c-v3
GATEWAY FEATURES  DHCP Server & relay, NAT with Std ALGs, 
   Bridging, Routing, Syslog, SNTP
QOS  Asymmetric Bandwidth Control, Packet
   Classification Capabilities, Scheduling
VLAN  802.1Q: Management VLAN. Transparent,
   Access and Trunk mode
DIMENSIONS  UNPACKAGED 10.51 x 10.51 x 3.27 in