Licensed Microwave Link - SAF Tehnika CFIP


SAF CFIP-108Mbps (200Mbps Aggregate w/ 4 x T1) Full Outdoor Unit


When it comes to point to point wireless communications using licensed microwave, the SAF Tehnika CFIP, Lumina, and Phoenix (spit mount radio) stand ways above the rest. We have worked on and installed Dragonwave, Trango, Ceragon, Stratex Harris, and others. The SAF licensed wireless bridges have proven to be the best built hardware, best software integration and features, and from a wireless installation perspective they are the only one we would use on our own networks.

We have never worked with a manufacture that provides such pride in their equipment and customer suport. That's why they are deployed in over 90 countries and are the choice of the world's major telecom and mobile companies. 

SAF Tehnika CFIP

Highlights & Benefits of the SAF CFIP Licensed Microwave Communications:

  • Excellent system gain with 108Mbps full duplex (200Mbps aggregate with 4 wayside T1) licensed micrwoave link.
  • 99.999% reliability without wireless interferance!
  • Deployed in over 90 countries world wide.
  • Low power consumption enables Power over Ethernet operation and use of solar/wind power
  • ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) and ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control) for high availability and high density deployments
  • Very high flexibility allow to configure the system to various channel bandwith, modulation scheme and capacity
  • SNMP support for remote netwok monitoring and management.
SAF CFIP Secifications