Dataradio Viper™ IP Router for Licensed Spectrum Wireless Backhaul

Dataradio ViperTM IP Router for Licensed Spectrum Wireless Backhaul

DataRadio ViPR Licensed Wireless IP Router
This software defined wireless backhaul SCADA telemetry radio is available for 50, 25, 12.5 and 6.25 KHz channels, Viper's all digital interface offers a robust wireless communications link for UHF, VHF 900 MAS and now 220 MHz licensed wireless bridge networks. The DataRadio Viper is one of the best wireless solutions for SCADA telemetry.

The internal web browser offers a familiar interface for IT and network administrators to set up and view device information, configure network parameters and deploy unit upgrades from any location.

This device features store and forward and neighbor discover easy network expansion, and advanced diagnostic capabilities monitor device and network health. Over the air firmware upgrades, channel migration and RoHS compliance ensure that your investment today is protected well into the future.

1-10 Watts Continuous Duty; software selectable

10-30 VDC Operation  
128 AES Encryption  
Simultaneous Communications via RS-232 ports and IP/Ethernet  
Up to 128 kbps @ 50 kHz with superior data compression  
Configures as a wireless Bridge or wireless Router  
Store and Forward for easy network expansion  
Embedded web server for Programming/Setup  
Mesh Networking using Neighbor Discovery  
On/Off-line Diagnostics for Network Health and Status  
RoHS Compliant