Alpha Omega Wireless now supports the SAF Phoenix TDM and IP System

Posted on Mon, May 03, 2010

May 5, 2010, Sacramento, CA - Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. ( announces that it is now carrying the new SAF Tehnika' CFIP Phoenix, a TDM and IP split mount, point to point wireless backhaul radio system. The CFIP Phoenix is a licensed microwave link that also can be deployed as an unlicensed wireless bridge in the 24GHz frequency band.

SAF CFIP Phoenix

The CFIP Phoenix is a high capacity point to point wireless backhaul radio system that provides up to 366Mbps full duplex (720Mbps aggregate throughput) of Ethernet IP connectivity and up to 20 T1/E1 TDM channels. The spit mount wireless backhaul system includes an industrial grade fanless design that increases reliability and enables low power consumption. SAF's ACM (Adaptive Coding and Modulation) and ATPC (Automatic Transmit Power Control) provides for high availability and high density deployments. The microwave link can have up to 4093 concurrent VLAN traffic that allows building many port-to-port networks paths for specific client services. It also supports Jumbo frame size supports 9728 bytes, which allows using longer header info (VLAN, MPLS) and transmitting more useful content and less headers, thus gaining on total throughput.

President Joe Wargo says, "The CFIP Phoenix allows for an easy transition from previous legacy TDM licensed microwave links. Clients can now make the switch to IP wireless backhaul while maintaining their legacy TDM traffic. The wireless bridge system can also be configured in a 1+1 to provide complete failover redundancy and can be trunked together at the IDU (Indoor Unit), which has 4 gigabit Ethernet ports, to provide double capacity. We have many clients in the government and utility space that still use TDM circuits and need IP as well. The CFIP Phoenix provide the best of both in one licensed microwave link.

The SAF CFIP Phoenix allows us to perform a wireless installation of 100Mbps full duplex and can software upgrade the radios up to 360Mbps full duplex (720Mbps aggregate throughput) protecting the clients CPEX investment."

About SAF Tehnika:
SAF Tehnika is the leading manufacturer of telecommunications and data transmission equipment, recognized for its role in delivering telecommunications infrastructure in 97 countries worldwide. SAF Tehnika products provide wireless backhaul solutions for digital voice and data transmission to mobile and fixed network operators, data service providers, governments and private companies.

The company provides an important part of the telecommunications infrastructure to customers in 97 countries worldwide.SAF Tehnika has grown to be an acknowledged member of the industry. The company's determined focus, strong technology resources and quality products allow it to compete successfully in its market segment with the largest integrated vendors - Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Networks and NEC.

About Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc.
Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. ("AO Wireless") is a leading integrator of complete end-to-end wireless backhaul networking technology and solutions. Alpha Omega Wireless provides wireless site surveys, feasibility studies, engineering, spectrum analysis, path calculations, design, wireless installation, equipment sales, radio repair and maintenance, support, troubleshooting, and ongoing management & monitoring of point to point wireless links, point to multipoint wireless systems, WiMax backhaul, and wireless mesh. As well as SCADA telemetry radio, wireless video surveillance, and indoor RF. Alpha Omega Wireless works with unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges and licensed microwave links.

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