Does Weather Effect Wireless Backhaul (White Paper)

The main question with outdoor wireless backhaul arises with precipitation ( e.g. fog, rain, and snow ). All wireless signals that travel from one antenna system to another experiences some form of "Path Loss". Properly designed systems use the correct antennas, frequencies, and transmit power ( "Tx" ) to overcome the Path Loss to get the desired Receive Signal Level ( "RSL" measured in dBm ). Radios are designed to operate with a certain level of "Fade Margin" that allows the system to operate at a predictable reliability ( for most systems 20 to 25dB of Fade Margin is recommended ). This means if a system has an RSL of -50dBm and it has a receiver threshold of -72dBm, you'll have 22dB of Fade Margin or the amount of dB signal strength a system can lose before you will experience errors or loss of connectivity.

Wireless Interference WHite Paper
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