Are Outdoor Wireless Ethernet Bridges Secure (White Paper)

True outdoor wireless systems (e.g. unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges, licensed microwave links, WiMax backhaul, wireless mesh, etc.) are designed for secure outdoor radio signal propagation. Most all systems, both Consumer grade and Carrier/Industrial grade, have multiple levels of internal and inherent security.

For instance, most systems allow for encryption to be set at 128-bit to 256-bit AES or equivalent, MAC address or serial number filtering, and/or network security naming conventions. Also, many times systems are paired and only allow communications with a known partnered radio. Many of the Carrier/Industrial grade wireless backhaul links have their own proprietary encryption built in and use various protocols not found in consumer electronic components. Meaning someone can't just buy something off the shelf that can even receive the signal and/or frequency. As is the case with most licensed microwave systems.

Wireless Interference WHite Paper
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