Case Study - High Bandwidth Point to Point Wireless Ethernet Bridge


Alpha Omega Wireless did the wireless installation of a high bandwidth, point to point wireless Ethernet bridge to create the wireless backhaul link between the main hospital and the remote center. This link was just over 1 mile with clear line of site ("LOS"). The solution consisted of using an Orthogon Systems integrated Spectra unlicensed wireless Ethernet Bridge radio system, now a Motorola PTP600 (a 300 Mbps system with a built in antenna). The Spectra system uses both vertical and horizontal polarizations, uses only 30MHz wide of the channel, and channel hops to avoid potential interfering RF signals. The system also automatically adjusts to allow for the data traffic to flow asymmetrically (meaning the radio system will allow for more bandwidth to be pass in one direction as needed). This is helpful because the main bulk of the data traffic flows from the center to the hospital. The hospital can receive the data in a 2:1 ratio. If the hospital needed to send large packets to the center the radio system will automatically adjust for that burst of information.


Wireless Backhaul Case Study
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