Case Study - Outdoor Wireless Bridge Provides True Redundancy

Alpha Omega Wireless installed a 100MB full duplex (less than 1ms latency), point to point wireless, licensed microwave link to create the connectivity between another location on the network ring and the operations building. This link was just less than 2 miles with clear line of site ("LOS"). The wireless backhaul solution consisted of using a DragonWave licensed microwave 23GHz radio system to avoid potential interfering RF signals.

The system consists of 1ft antennas and is roof mounted. The system cannot be seen from street level. The licensed microwave backahul system is also fully software upgradable to 400MB fully duplex. Because this system was mission critical and needed to be installed quickly, AO Wireless was able to scale its crew to be able to do the complete wireless installation in two days, at a cost of less than $30K fully installed. The link provides 99.999% reliability.

Wireless Backhaul Case Study
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