Case Study - Licensed Microwave Link for Redundancy

For this solution Alpha Omega Wireless designed and did the wireless installation of a DragonWave AirPair 50 licensed microwave link radio systems. The AirPair 50 provides 50Mbps full duplex connectivity with 99.999% uptime reliability. For the shorter link between the Airport Park location and the Airport Tower a licensed microwave 23GHz wireless backhaul radio with a 1 ft dish antenna at each location will be used. For the longer link between McClellan Tower and downtown location an 11GHz radio with a single 3ft antenna at each location will be used. For future scalability each radio link can be upgraded via software up to 200Mbps full duplex on the 23GHz link and 170Mbps full duplex on the 11GHz link. Optional wayside T1 connectivity is also available.


Wireless Backhaul Case Study
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