Case Study - Hospital Gigabit Wireless Backhaul Link

Alpha Omega Wireless did the wireless installation of a BridgeWave GE60 gigabit wireless, point to point wireless Ethernet bridge to create the wireless backhaul link between the main hospital and the remote facility. This link provides 1Gbps full duplex (GigE simultaneously in both directions). With only about 1ms of latency this links provides 99.999% reliability. Any leased line solution would only provide 99.9% reliability.

The BridgeWave GE60 is a 60GHz millimeter wave point to point wireless system. For short distances were the band width requirements are full duplex GigE, 60GHz radios provide an excellent solution. 60GHz radios are license free and are highly immune to potential interference (unlike unlicensed wireless backhaul 5.8GHz radio solutions). Also, because of oxygen absorption and the use of near beamwidth, 60GHz radios are extremely secure and meet HIPPA compliancy. In most cases, it would be easier to physically tap into or break a fiber optic cable, than it would be to intercept or jam a 60GHz transmission.  

Wireless Backhaul Case Study
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