Alpha Omega Wireless Now On DIR Contract

Posted on Tue, Mar 06, 2018

Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. ("AO Wireless") has recently been added to the Texas State DIR contract. AO Wireless is now listed under the DIR Contract (DIR-TS0-4021) providing a complete range of wireless networking products and solutions. Agencies that utilize the DIR Contract system for the procurement can now partner with Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. for all their wireless networking needs and solutions. 

Under DIR-TSO-4021 AO Wireless can provide products from Siklu, Radwin, Siemens, Cambium, Xirrus (Riverbed), ICT Power, Alcoma, and more. AO Wireless' DIR contract also include services related to engineering, design, and installation services related to wireless networks. 

AO Wireless DIR.png

President Joe Wargo says, "We are excited to have our wireless solutions and offering on the DIR Contract. Alpha Omega Wireless works a lot with government (City, County, and State), along with Education and Utility organizations. Having a qualified procurement vehicle makes it more effecient for our clients to get the products and services they need. Now we'll be able to provide more value to our clients while saving them time and money.

About DIR
The Department of Information Resources (DIR) provides statewide leadership and oversight for management of government information and communications technology.

DIR has served in a leadership role to facilitate the state’s economic competitiveness through its ability to deliver quality information resources commodities and services at the lowest prices and best value for state and local government as well as the K–12 public and higher education systems.

About Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc.
Alpha Omega Wireless is an experienced integrator of broadband wireless network technology and complete end-to-end wireless backhaul  solutions. We provide a full range of point to point wireless backhaul, point to multipoint wireless bridges, WiMax backhaul, LTE Networks, wireless mobility, wireless repeaters, Smart Grid wireless backhaul, indoor, outdoor, and municipal Wi-Fi, DAS - Distributed Antenna Systems, DC Power Distribution, and wireless mesh products and services.

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Weather’s Effects on Outdoor Wireless Systems

Posted on Fri, Nov 07, 2014

Outdoor wireless systems that are properly engineered and designed can provide 99.999% predictable uptime reliability. When wireless backhaul networks are designed factors like path loss, Fresnel Zones, and weather are calculated to provide an accurate determination of which frequency is to be used, antenna output gain, transmit power of the radios, antenna heights, and modulations.

Properly designed systems use the correct antennas, frequencies, and transmit power to overcome the Path Loss and account for weather conditions to get the desired Receive Signal Level ("RSL" measured in dBm). Radios are designed to operate with a certain level of "Fade Margin" that allows the system to operate at a predictable reliability (for most systems 20 to 25dB of Fade Margin is recommended).

Wireless backhaul, whether you are talking about wireless mesh, WiMax, point to multipont wireless, or point to point wireless backhaul, systems can function with extreme reliability and predictability if installed correctly. Proper installation is a critical component of the success and longevity of an outdoor wireless system. One of most important parts of the installation process is performing quality weather proofing of all components.

Weatherproofing gets overlooked all the time. When a system is working a broadband wireless network gets forgotten about and really inspected. Weatherproofing doesn’t last forever and needs to be inspected annually and should be replaced if any deficiencies are found. All cable connections, whether at the termination of the radio, at the lighting surge arrestors, or at any other junctions.  

 Wireless Weatherproofing

Proper weatherproofing is done using butyl tape and high quality polyurethane UV resistant tape. Good practice is to apply tape first, then apply butyl (which prevents any moisture to get through), and then an outer layer of tape. Tape should be wrapped in an overlapping shingling fashion. Over time though even though resistant to UV, tape can loose its adhesive and peel away. Annual inspection and re-taping should be performed.

One of the most difficult problems to troubleshoot on an outdoor wireless backhaul system is failure due to moisture in a connection or water that gets in a cable. Many times this issue cannot be easily visible on a surface inspection. The best way to avoid issues caused by weather is to maintain proper weatherproofing from the beginning.  

Properly maintained outdoor wireless bridge systems should remain functioning as originally designed and specified. By performing periodic maintenance and re-certification a properly designed and installed system should perform exactly as it did on the original install date.

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Alpha Omega Wireless Deploys First SAF Integra in the USA

Posted on Thu, Jan 23, 2014

Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. installs the new high performance SAF Integra point-to-point licensed microwave wireless backhaul system in the USA.

SAF Tehnika JSC - one of the pioneers of compact full outdoor point-to-point microwave technology announced Q3, 2013 the launch of Integra – ultra light, energy efficient and powerful all-in-one carrier-grade microwave data transmission system.

SAF Integra

Integra is a natural step forward in the evolution of user-friendly full outdoor microwave systems design. Integration of next generation microwave radio with high and super high performance antennas into a single unit means less time spent on the installation site, better availability and reliability of the link even in densely served areas, all of which translates into a lower total cost of ownership. The new Integra exemplifies an outstanding return on smart engineering - the synergy of high competence in radio electronics and materials science. 

Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. President Joe Wargo says, “I'm extremely excited about SAF Tehnika’s new Integra platform. We have been recommending and deploying hundreds of SAF radios for our clients over the last 6 years. Out of all the licensed radios we have installed we have had less than 1% failures. All of which where due to damage in shipping which is to be expected. Even so SAF wasted no time in replacing the units. From a performance perspective the wireless backhaul has been flawless. A true fiber replacement for our clients. Honestly it’s the only radio I’d use on our own network.

I was able to work on the Integra first hand back in September 2013 when visiting the SAF Headquarters in Riga, Latvia. Immediately I knew this would be a hot product. We have been asking for a higher bandwidth radio in the licensed frequencies and SAF delivered. Once you see it you become impressed on every little detailed and thought process that went into the Integra platform. From performance, the user interface, military grade quality, and even to the installation components, this product is different from the rest.

We are excited to have such a great product to offer our clients that need 99.999% reliable high-speed networks. The Integra is a great wireless point-to-point system for our government and ultility clients that need superior quality and AES encryption. Not many new wireless systems impress me but the Integra sure does!“

Perfect for small-cell, RAN and HetNet backhaul where aesthetics in a metropolitan area are a key concern, Integra delivers ambitious performance in a compact package never before available in licensed microwave market. Integra’s embedded software takes full advantage of its cutting edge network processor providing Synchronous Ethernet and 1588 v2 PTP support for LTE network builds, Layer 2 header compression and 256-bit AES encryption for public safety, government, and enterprise networks. Thanks to a convenient design and its solid functionality the Integra is an industry-unique, right-out-of-the-box microwave system with a superior radiation pattern and payload capacity of up to 420Mbps per channel / polarization.

Integra – by its form and specification – is created to be a proper building block for a variety of modern wireless networking applications. To stay advanced and competitive in the telecom world that will increasingly depend on seamless integration and interoperability of synchronization-sensitive systems, it is smart to invest in technology that takes the right direction.

Normunds Bergs, CEO  & Chairman of the Board of SAF Tehnika: “Industry has new standards, demands higher capacities and lower price and SAF has a great solution for that. Integra will be just a first stage in a new product line, providing remarkably comfortable installation process and great capacity together with very attractive price.”

Some of the features of Integra: integrated antenna with next-generation microwave radio, industry leading compact form factor, easy to install, competitive price, with Synchronous Ethernet and IEEE 1588 v.2 PTP, up to QAM1024 etc.

About Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc.
Alpha Omega Wireless is an experienced integrator of broadband wireless network technology and complete end-to-end wireless backhaul  solutions. We provide a full range of point to point wireless backhaul, point to multipoint wireless bridges, WiMax backhaul, LTE networks, wireless mobility, wireless repeaters, Smart Grid wireless backhaul, indoor, outdoor, and municipal Wi-Fi, and wireless mesh products and services.

About SAF Tehnika 
SAF Tehnika is among the world's top microwave carrier-class point to point radio manufacturers, with capacities up to Gbps+ solutions meeting ETSI, FCC and Industry Canada standards.  SAF Tehnika is committed to providing an exceptional customer adapted wireless solution that empower carriers and servicers the level of connectivity demanded in today's competitive environment.  SAF Tehnika has installation in nearly 100 countries around the world in the most challenging of environments and extreme temperatures.



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Alpha Omega Wireless Works with Alpheus to Provide SXSW Bandwidth

Posted on Tue, Dec 10, 2013

SXSW® Doubles Bandwidth from Alpheus Communications for 2014

2GB of bandwidth for SXSW 2014 needed to meet unprecedented demand for Internet access

HOUSTON and AUSTIN, Texas – Dec. 4, 2013 – South by Southwest® (SXSW®) 2014 event organizers are preparing for unprecedented demand for high-speed Internet access from attendees, exhibitors and sponsors who will stream live video and connect with social media outlets from throughout Austin during the 2014 event.

To fulfill this bandwidth need, the legendary entertainment event is again turning to Austin-based RightRound LLC and Alpheus Communications to design and implement a 2GB data circuit to support SXSW events, exhibitors, and attendees. Based on experience from the 2013 event and the already high interest in obtaining Internet access for SXSW 2014, vendors, exhibitors and sponsors are already signing up for Internet access so they’re better prepared to meet the needs of SXSW attendees in March.

“South by Southwest presents new challenges each year, and it’s great to have partners like RightRound and Alpheus that we can rely on to help us adapt and succeed in keeping our network, and attendees, connected,” said Scott Wilcox, Director of Technology for SXSW LLC.

Alpheus will deliver 2GB Internet access, double from 2013 levels, from its network hub/data center on East 6th Street in Austin and deliver connectivity directly to many venues. In addition, Alpheus’ bandwidth will be extended wirelessly via Alpha Omega Wireless to venues beyond the SXSW host hotel in downtown Austin. RightRound will provide IT strategy, planning and overall project management, along with services and equipment that exhibitors, sponsors, and performers need to properly deploy for streaming their events and performances.

“Every year more bandwidth is needed to fulfill the demand of SXSW exhibitors, sponsors and attendees, particularly as more performances are streamed live online,” said Cliff Skolnick, director and network architect at RightRound. “Working with a local, carrier-grade network provider such as Alpheus makes this immense task much easier, as the company implements its high-performance Internet connectivity and taps into its Austin-based staff who can pivot at a moment’s notice to expand networks as necessary.”

Understanding that a number of the SXSW venues are temporary with clients who only need Internet access for 24 hours or less, Austin-based Alpha Omega Wireless will deliver Alpheus’ Internet access via a microwave, point-to-point connection from the Alpheus network hub/data center to the SXSW host hotel in downtown Austin. In addition to using this 31-story hotel as was done in 2013, Alpheus, RightRound, and Alpha Omega Wireless will collaborate to provide an additional antenna downtown along with building out a network on Rainey Street that will cover all of the activities in the bars in that area. Another network site will be added in the area west of Congress Street to enable sponsors, performers, and attendees to tap into free Internet access using high-density Wi-Fi.

Demand for Internet access during SXSW shows continued growth year over year. Typically, most attendees have at least two IP-enabled devices for watching and uploading streaming video, blogging and posting commentary to their favorite social media sites.

“Alpheus recognizes how critical Internet access is to SXSW. The high-performance network service that Alpheus will provide to SXSW 2014 will likely be exceeded quickly as the event, its attendees, exhibitors, sponsors and performers all demand more bandwidth,” said Scott Widham, CEO of Alpheus Communications. “With the terrific collaboration of Alpheus, RightRound and Alpha Omega Wireless, we believe that SXSW will continue to set the standard for interactive entertainment events.”

To find out more about Alpheus Communications’ service, contact Enterprise Account Director, Chase Sadler at 512-992-8280 or

About Alpheus Communications
Alpheus Communications ( is a leading provider of Texas metro-regional fiber and networking solutions. With owned facilities in Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Corpus Christi and the Rio Grande Valley, Alpheus is flexible, content-neutral and responsive to customer needs when low-latency and uptime are essential. As the preferred fiber backbone for Metro Texas, Alpheus is in a unique position to support mission-critical information technology functions and cloud computing solutions through its resilient SSAE 16-compliant data center platforms for colocation and disaster recovery.

About RightRound
RightRound ( specializes in Internet connectivity anywhere, high-density WiFi solutions and video streaming for live events, festivals and conferences. The goal of RightRound is to solve technology problems, and make event technology work while making it feel easy and seamless. RightRound recognizes that the events industry is facing major changes, and being connected to the Internet is no longer a luxury. Bandwidth dependent solutions are now as critical as power and water.

About Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc.
“AO Wireless” ( is a leading integrator of complete end-to-end wireless backhaul networking technology and solutions. Alpha Omega Wireless provides wireless site surveys, feasibility studies, engineering, spectrum analysis, path calculations, design, wireless installation, equipment sales, radio repair and maintenance, support, troubleshooting, and ongoing management & monitoring of point to point wireless links, point to multipoint wireless systems, WiMax backhaul, LTE, Wi-Fi, and wireless mesh. As well as SCADA telemetry radio, wireless video surveillance, and indoor RF. Alpha Omega Wireless works with unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges and licensed microwave links.

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Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. Expands Wireless Installation In Oklahoma

Posted on Mon, Jun 03, 2013

Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. (“AO Wireless”) announces expansion throughout the United States with its opening of a new office in Oklahoma City. AO Wireless will become one of the premier wireless installation and microwave communications integrators in the central US market.

President Joe Wargo says, “I am very excited opening another office location in the Oklahoma market. By having a presence in Oklahoma City we’ll be able to expand our local reach not only in Oklahoma but also surrounding states, such as Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and parts of New Mexico.

Over the past year we have engaged some very large projects in Oklahoma consisting wireless installation of long range licensed microwave point to point wireless networks, licensed WiMax for last mile wireless and wireless mobility, Smart Grid wireless, mobile radio communications, and wireless video surveillance. Oklahoma is a fast growing economy right now and we see a large demand for broadband wireless as critical telecommunications backhaul.

Covering vast distances with fiber is costly and time consuming. Wireless backhaul can be deployed much faster and with a better ROI. Building out core GigE full duplex backhaul networks using point to point wireless bridge and microwave wireless can help allow for expansion of Oklahoma businesses and its ability to drive its economy. Today we are able to deliver upwards of 6Gbps full duplex wireless backhaul using licensed microwave wireless and with wireless repeaters we are able to cover large distances. Wireless point to point backhaul is used for the backhaul network, while WiMax and LTE wireless installation is being used for last mile wireless connectivity.

Oklahoma is also a key state for our nations transportation system as its highways and rail system interconnects many other states. It’s a perfect location for the use of wireless mobility applications, such as unmanned rail, video surveillance, and wireless automation control.

We have already brought on board some key personnel in the region. In the coming months we will have a full time dedicated wireless installation services delivery team and project management based in Oklahoma City that will be able to provide onsite support for our clients in the region. We see the market place for wireless backhaul growing in the coming years as the need for broadband wireless continues to be in high demand.“

About Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc.
 ("AO Wireless") is a leading integrator of complete end-to-end wireless backhaul networking technology and solutions. Alpha Omega Wireless provides wireless site surveys, feasibility studies, engineering, spectrum analysis, path calculations, design, wireless installation, equipment sales, radio repair and maintenance, support, troubleshooting, and ongoing management & monitoring of point to point wireless links, point to multipoint wireless systems, WiMax backhaul, LTE wireless communication, Wi-Fi, and wireless mesh. As well as SCADA telemetry radio, wireless video surveillance, and indoor RF. Alpha Omega Wireless works with unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges and licensed microwave links.

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