AO Wireless Installs Wireless Backhaul for Live SXSW Concert

Posted on Tue, Mar 22, 2011

Austin, TX - March 16th, 2011

Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. ("AO Wireless") installed a 150Mbps wireless Ethernet Bridge at SXSW that allowed NPR to broadcast world wide a live concert event at the famous Stubb's outdoor venue. The concert event featured bands like, James Blake and the legendary Duran Duran.

Stubbs SXSW

President Joe Wargo says, "We were asked just hours before the show to install a wireless backhaul from SXSW's wireless network, which we installed around Austin for the music feastival, to the famous Stubb's venue. Within hours NPR was to braodcast a live stream of the concert on the internet. Appearently, all the major carriers servicing Austin couldn't deliver even with weeks notice. We were able to install a 150Mbps point to point wireless Ethernet bridge within two hours.

Everyone at the event was blown away with the speed of the install and mostly the speed of the uplink we provided. With minutes to spare the wireless backhaul link was handed off to NPR. We felt like we were a NASCAR pit crew more than a wireless integrator.

It was amazing to be able to watch the live event from home later that night. The video and sound was flawless. We were proud to see the fruits of our labor and to see NPR's event turn out so great. "

About Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc.
Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. ("AO Wireless") is a leading integrator of complete end-to-end wireless backhaul networking technology and solutions. Alpha Omega Wireless provides wireless site surveys, feasibility studies, engineering, spectrum analysis, path calculations, design, wireless installation, equipment sales, radio repair and maintenance, support, troubleshooting, and ongoing management & monitoring of point to point wireless links, point to multipoint wireless systems, WiMax backhaul, and wireless mesh. As well as SCADA telemetry radio, wireless video surveillance, and indoor RF. Alpha Omega Wireless works with unlicensed wireless Ethernet bridges and licensed microwave links.

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