Alpha Omega Wireless Announces New Sr Technical Consultant

Posted on Tue, Aug 18, 2015

Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc. ("AO Wireless") has recently promoted on its team Zak Ford, a seasoned AO Team Member, to the position of Sr. Technical Consultant. This role will be to assist in our pre-sales and pre-project solution development with our clients, to include: performing technical level sales, wireless network design, and providing wireless technology education to our clients and internal staff. Zak will also help with standard business development and client account management.

Zak is heavily involved in making sure that any potential solution we quote or propose to our client partners is the best possible wireless backhaul solution and it is accurate. Zak will make sure that our wireless solutions whether a point to point wireless backhaul link (either a licensed microwave or unlicensed Wireless Ethernet bridge), a point to multipoint WiMax / LTE solution, or a high density Wi-Fi network are designed to meet the highest predictable reliability and performance.

President Joe Wargo says, "We are excited to have Zak Ford move up into the Sr. Technical Consultant role. He has a lot of experience in our organization and knows most of our clients extremely well.

He has an extensive background in the field, which enables him to understand what goes into a successful wireless backhaul network. To often we see our competitors doing a huge sales job on potential clients but when it comes to delivery they fall short. This is due to lake of knowledge on the sales side with an over promise and under deliver situation.

AO Wireless doesn’t have any traditional sales people. Our business development is done by highly qualified technical personnel, which not only are experts in the wireless industry but also are always up to date with the latest technologies and products. This allows us to provide our clients with the best solutions, highest quality, overall best price from a ROI and TCO.

As Alpha Omega Wireless continues to grow we need to make sure we have the right people on board and that we have them in the right position. Too often companies don’t invest into its leadership. Zak will be a huge asset in making sure, as we grow, we grow properly."

About Alpha Omega Wireless, Inc.

Alpha Omega Wireless is an experienced integrator of broadband wireless network technology and complete end-to-end wireless backhaul solutions. We provide a full range of point to point wireless backhaul, point to multipoint wireless bridges, WiMax backhaul, LTE networks, wireless mobility, wireless repeaters, Smart Grid wireless backhaul, indoor, outdoor, and municipal Wi-Fi, and wireless mesh products and services.

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