Gina Wargo - CEO / CFO
Gina comes to Alpha Omega Wireless with a background in business management and upper level administration. Gina holds a BS degree from San Jose State University. As a Woman entrepreneur Gina has helped the growth and long term objectives of Alpha Omega Wireless. Gina as acting CEO runs the operations of the business' day to day and is critical in the decision of the valued vendor partnerships Alpha Omega Wireless engages. 

Joe Wargo -  President / VP of Business Development 
Joe comes to Alpha Omega Wireless with over 20 years of technical and sales experience in the technology sector. Joe has held the role as CEO and Vice President of Sales for a technology services and reseller company. He has also been in the role of Director of Business Operations, responsible for overall business development and management of an industry leading technology services company.

Joe is an active member of EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) and has been a guest speaker for many engagements about the outdoor wireless industry. He also has been seen and heard on live broadcasts for many organizations. Joe served in the US Army as a Nuclear Electronics Specialist, on the Pershing II Intermediate Range Nuclear Missile System. Joe holds a B.S. Degree in Communications with an emphasis in Computer Science from Oregon State University, and is also a Certified Wi-Fi Engineer and a Certified Wireless Broadband Engineer.

You can follow Joe's blog - Outdoor Wireless Blog at www.aowireless.com/blog